Thursday, October 29, 2009

Now It Is Pakistan’s Turn To Face U.S. Occupation

It seems that at last, the hoax of 9/11 is going to pay more to Americans like the ploy of holocaust (Shoah) did to Jews after the second world war, i.e. plenty of reparations, concession and a gift of a paradigm, the paradigm of pre-emption, or license to kill, anybody, even without a crime. That is how the “power of nightmares” has done a great job for the Americans. But, there is one bad patch in this tricky onslaught of the American successes worldwide, and that is their imminent defeat in Afghanistan, where the 9/11 ploy was not rewarded for its wonderful dimensions of feign performance, sham and false realities, and “home goal” fiesta.
After being completely defeated in Afghanistan, United States has sneakily shifted the war theatre to Pakistan under the garb of its Af-Pak policy, where Pakistan and Afghanistan were to be treated as same countries with same, though orchestrated circumstances. The purpose is crystal clear, putting their hands on the Pakistani nukes, and controlling the region from Islamabad through their greater presence in Pakistan.
For those who think, that Americans have the intentions to capture Pakistan or occupy it, Pakistan has already been captured by the American hawks, who are controlling its policies through Pakistan’s na├»ve, pygmy rulers who came to power with American help, mediation and third party deal, undertaken by the Americans between Benazir Bhutto and Ex. president Gen. Pervez Musharraf, who acted as a real American lackey.
The US president’s special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrook has unofficially been declared as the American viceroy in Pakistan and Pakistan, as the protectorate of United States of America. Holbrook, dictates Pakistan on all matters right from the macro to the micro management. He recently said that Mr. Zardari would remain as the president of Pakistan and that the leadership of PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party) and PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz ) should “reconcile” on major issues and should not unfold parliamentary trial against former president Pervez Musharraf (Also accompanied by Mark Loyal Grant).
Holbrook’s special relations with ethnic, regional fascist and mafias like MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) is no secret, who’s clandestine and covert visits to Washington for obvious reasons are no secret now.
In a most remarkable development, United States has decided to beef up its strategic hold of Pakistan, by unprecedented expansion of it’s consulate in Islamabad, by acquiring more than 18 acres of additional land in and around its existent consulate at Islamabad. According to Christian Science Monitor (CSM), United States administration has requested for additional $806 million for a strong and robust American footprint in Pakistan. "For the strong commitment, the US is making in the country of Pakistan, we need the necessary platform to fulfil our diplomatic mission," said Jonathan Blyth of the State Department's Overseas Buildings Operations Bureau. "The embassy is in need of upgrading and expansion to meet our future mission requirements."
Deputy Chief of US Mission in Islamabad Gerald Feierstein told Dawn that upcoming large-scale programmes needed more staff, but quickly added that nothing was final as yet.
The US in the process is ready to spend about $1 billion for the up gradation of their Islamabad presence, including an expenditure of $405 million for the reconstruction and refurbishment of the main embassy building; $111 million for a new complex for accommodating 330 personnel; and $197 million for constructing about 250 housing units. For this purpose the American embassy has acquired about 18 acres of land for a meagre Rs 1 billion, courtesy of the Capital Development Authority.
The United States also has the plan to revamp its consulates in Lahore and Peshawar to control Pakistan’s eastern and western borders respectively. For this reason, an official spoke on the condition of anonymity, the pearl continental hotel of Peshawar is soon be purchased by the Americans.
Similarly, a huge consulate has been built and relocated in southern city of Karachi, according to CSM. Not only this, Mr. Murdock of Fox News has confirmed that, American joint special operation commandos (JSOC) had been given a vast piece of land in Tarbela, (around 6 acres) where the apparent job of more than 300 JSOC commandos is to “train” Pakistani crack commandos.
Although, the political government of Pakistan has been denying this fact but just recently, the director of ISPR (Inter Services Public Relations) Major. Gen. Ather Abbas has confirmed such reports, saying this is not the first time American commandos have been involved in training and joint exercise activities inside Pakistan. But, former director of ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) Gen. Hameed Gul refused to buy the idea that Americans are there merely for training, according to him, the everyday growing American presence in Pakistan preludes a dangerous development reflecting wider regional American ambitions.
The Americans are bringing 1000 marines to this fortress like huge embassy which is only rivalled by Americas’ embassy in Baghdad, just recently built after collapse of Iraq in the hands of the American forces. It is important to note here that according to Pakistani law Americans can bring only a maximum number of 350 personnel in their embassy. Also according to sources Americans are pushing Islamabad to allow DynCorp Armored Personnel Carriers to be stationed in Islamabad.
The objective behind these American moves is simple, i.e. to build and establish a forward military and command post in Islamabad, in the heart of Pakistan, from where, CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and other American espionage groups could launch and initiate their nefarious activities. Americans also want to further their sabotage and espionage activities inside Iran, where United States is involved in training, arming and financing the ostensibly Sunny terrorist group Jundullah, in Baluchistan.
It also shows how much involvement Americans have inside Baluchistan, where, they are fully supporting BLA (Baluchistan Liberation Army) and BRA, in their malicious activities against Pakistani federation. If not, can Americans explain why they have provided sanctuaries to Brahamadagh Bugti in Kabul and to Harbyar Maree in London through their English minions? There are reports that, the current government has contacted naval headquarters to establish an American naval base in Baluchistan.
An American NGO in Peshawar, popularly known as CAII (Creative Associates International Inc.) in University Town on Chinar Road, has a hired Black water commando, which is America’s most notorious, and detested private security firm, for its security.
Eric Prince, an American SEAL naval officer, who had links with Republican Party, established Blackwater in 1997. The Black water earns worldwide security contracts and is notorious for its poor, human right violation, child prostitution, and supply of weapons to terrorist organization record. Like in Iraq they have supplied weapons to Kurdistan workers party, designated terrorist by NATO, United Nations and European Union.
Black water is a private mercenary army, which recruits, worst killers, scoundrels and psychopaths, eager to eat out human flesh and involved in heinous activities. The residents of Peshawar are asking government, where the crack commandos of black water are openly wandering with shot guns that who’s running the matters of Peshawar, and NWFP, Pakistani government or Americans? The residents are mainly concerned about Blackwater’s reputation as a ruthless, unbridled private army whose employees face multiple charges of murder, child prostitution and weapons smuggling in Iraq.
‘Sometimes, these guys stand in the streets and behave rudely with the passers-by, sometimes they point guns at people without provocation’ said Imtiaz Gul, an engineer, whose home is a few hundred meters from the US contractor’s base on Chinar Road in University Town. ‘Who rules our streets, the Pakistani government or the Americans? They have created a state within the state,’ he added.
Blackwater has been a banned organization in Iraq after its operatives indiscriminately killed 17 innocent civilians and has been kicked out of Iraq by its government. Also the company is facing lawsuit against it by the hundreds of people around the world whose dear ones have been killed by this terrorist organization.
For the reason of Face saving and avoid notoriety, the company has changed its name from “Black water” and is known as Xe now. But this tactic would not undo the piles of criminal work done by it around the world. According to the news, CIA has acquired the services of this company in the whole world, for carrying out its espionage, sabotage and target killing activities. The recent surge of target killing in different cities of Pakistan is the result of Blackwater’s growing influence in Pakistan.
Some sources say, the recent drone bombing in Pakistan is conducted by the same company, since the drones are loaded, guided and tracked by the companies activists in Afghanistan. In fact Black water has been given the task of target killing anti American and pro Pakistan elements in all major cities of Pakistan by CIA.
It seems that CAII has espionage activities in FATA through its FATA Development Programme Government to Community (FDPGC). It has been estimated that millions of dollars have been spent by the so called human right American NGO’s in Pakistan to buy the loyalties of tribal maliks and so called Taliban in FATA and Swat.
The US meddling in Pakistan has reached to alarming scales, and America’s royal embassy at Islamabad has recruited hundreds of ex-military personnel, bureaucrats, academics and journalists, which have deeper contacts and deeply entrenched reach within the Pakistani security apparatus and executive infrastructure, on attractive compensations. The purpose is to buy their loyalties to at the cost of Pakistan’s security.
The growing presence of United States in Pakistan is only breeding growing hatred amongst Pakistani people against the Americans. The Pakistani people think, the root of all problems in Pakistan is mounting American influence in Pakistani matters and its presence in the region. Unlike Afghanistan and Iraq, Americans will have to face a revolutionary surge of Pakistani civil society to throw them out of Pakistani orders, and in such a way, Uncle Sam will forget even Iran and Somalia.

By Dr. Haroon Iqbal