Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spreading Hatred In The Name Of Love

There is a plotted conspiracy to alienate the Muslim community from rest of the society under the guise of so-called Love Jihad which the Hindu organizations allege is meant for converting Hindu girls into Muslims. If it is true why the parents are not coming forward in this regard asks Kerala DGP Jacob Punnoose.

Jihad is so prevalent in India that even schools and colleges are not safe from it. Some days ago jihad against kuffar (infidels) was fought merely by might but for quite some years softness and tenderness have become its crucial part. The Hindu organizations, especially in South India, have raised hue and cry that Muslim boys in the colleges trap Hindu girls in their love, persuade them to embrace Islam and then force them to indulge in jihadi activities. Is it so?
The term used by the organizations to describe the jihad is ‘Love Jihad’ (Romeo Jihad). The outfits, being Hindu Janajagruti in the forefront, allege that the newly formed Muslim organization Love Jihad is meant for luring non-Muslim girl students into marriage and subsequent conversion to Islam, by using smart and paid Muslim boys. They claim that during the past five years as many as 940 girls from Kerala and 4520 girls from Karnataka had gone missing. ‘On daily basis, three Hindu girls marginally disappear in south Kanada district of Karnataka,’ said Mohan Goda, a portfolio bearer in Hindu Janajagruti Samiti adding, ‘They are made disappear under a plotted conspiracy to make them Muslims.’ The Kerala BJP president Krishna Das also allege, ‘If the girls do not agree to accept Islam then they (Muslim youth) play with them sexually and black mail them.
On is amazed as to why and how the Hindus fundamentalist - who committed Gujarat Muslim Genocide behind the curtain that the Karsevaks killed in Godhra incident were actually burnt by Muslims- have adopted a criminal silence in other parts of India. Girls in such a huge number are disappearing and their parents are not lodging complaints at police stations! The severity, as claimed, of the matter suggests that it should have by now hit the headlines of the newspapers and become heated topic of debate on TV channels.
In contrast, it failed to concern even the parents of the girls allegedly missing. The Kerala DGP Jacob Punnoose recently said that one of the main problems facing the sleuths was that parents were not coming forward with their complaints. Except in few cases of this nature, parents (not even organizations) have approached neither the police stations nor the courts.
Perhaps to make the community, including parents, aware of disappearance of their daughters the Hindu Janajagruti (HJ) has announced to instigate an awareness movement in this regard. Mohan Goda addressing a press conference in Bangalore expressed his concern that Hindu girls on a large scale will be compelled to embrace Islam if awareness campaign is not started. ‘HJ has decided that its workers will visit colleges and create awareness against Love Jihad among Hindu youth.’
Recently, Sri Ram Sene (SRS), another Hindu extremist outfit, published against the organization and distributed in Hindu dominated areas and at academic institutions in Karnataka and Kerala. The posters caution the Hindu girls from Muslim boys and ask them to be aware of the Love Jihad. On October15, the Hindutva organizations protested at the offices of district commissioners in the whole Karnataka.
In this condemnable act of spreading hatred among Muslims and Hindus in the name of Love Jihad are involved Hindu Jan Jagran Samiti, Sanatan Sanstha, Sri Ram Sene, Dharam Shakti Sena, Hindu Yuva Sena and Yuva Shakti among other Hindu organizations.
While, the so-called Love Jihad has nothing to do with Muslims. The Muslim leaders and Urdu newspapers negate even the existence of such an organization. Being a Muslim, at least I can say there is nothing like Love Jihad in Islam. It is an effort of concoction by Hindus into Islamic teachings. Of course, jihad, with some certain conditions, is a sacred act in Islam but it never was, nor is, and never will be for making non-Muslims accept Islam. If someone becomes ready to be a Muslim for some time out of fear, the religious scholars say he will not be counted as a Muslim. Then why Muslims will carry out fruitless activities.
However, Kerala High Court has directed the union home ministry and state director-general of police to Love Jihad its spread, sources of funding and possible links with terror groups, smugglers and drug rackets. Earlier, a special police team was set up to probe charges that jihadis were luring girls on school and college campuses and converting them with the intention of using them for anti-national activities.
The order followed after the court dismissed the anticipatory bail pleas of Sirajuddeen and Shehenshah who are allegedly involved in forcing Hindu girls into conversion. Some weeks earlier, the parents of two girls, students at St Johns College, Pathanamthitta, reportedly approached the Kerala High Court and filed a habeas corpus petition. The girls- a Hindu and a Christian- told the court that they had been taken to a place in Kozhikode, where a group led by Campus Front activists Shehenshah and Sirajuddeen forced them to convert into Islam and sign marriage contracts.
It is said that the Hindu girl had fallen in love with Shehenshah who said to her that their relations will not remain if she remains to be a Hindu.
Meanwhile, a new Muslim girl of Bangalore has directed a strong blow to those defaming Muslim youth under the guise of Love Jihad. Shelja Raj of Chamarajnagar told a Bangalore court that she had accepted Islam out of her will. Earlier, her father Selvaraj had lodged an FIR with the Chamarajnagar police station that a Muslim youth Asghar had kidnapped her girl and that she was being exploited sexually. Nevertheless, after being traced from Kerala, when Shelja was produced before the court she had embraced Islam out of her will and that none had forced her to do so. ‘I became interested in Islam and started studying Islam. I travelled with Asghar to Kerala in order to learn more about Islam,’ she said to the court.
In fact, Love Jihad finds no space in Islamic terminology and, hence, no Muslims can indulge in such a shameful activity of loving Hindu girls for converting them to Islam. Thousands of Muslim youth have affairs with Hindu girls but none of them was heard as trying to force the girls for accepting Islam. If it is true, Hindu girls not in thousands but in lakhs will be Muslims.

By: A Hameed Yousuf

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