Saturday, March 6, 2010

Letter To The Editor

Stop Cow Politics
Sir, I was amazed to read Swami Vivekananda having said, “There was a time in this very India when without eating beef, no Brahmin could remain a Brahmin; you read in the Vedas how, when a Sanyasin, a king, or a great man came into a house, the best bullock was killed...In that period, five Brahmins used to polish off one cow." (Media Scan, February). If the ideal of RSS Vivekananda, has confessed so, the Hindu politicians should abstain from spreading hatred in the name of cow. They should follow the Vedic religion. S.B. Ramachandran, Chennai

Bring Forth Pune Blast Culprits
Just after the Pune blast, media was quick to suspect that some outfits with Muslim names were behind it. This is despite the fact that there are confirmed evidences to prove that there were/are Hindu fanatics who carried bomb blasts in different parts of the country.

It’s a known fact that Shaheed Hemant Karkare had exposed a nation-wide Hindutva terror net work that included prominent figures from Pune and even from Indian Army. Needless to say, almost eleven such champions are now behind the bars. Can't the recent bomb blast in German bakery be another 'milestone' achievement of the disciples or the mentors of such Hinduvites? Can't it happen? Why not? Mushtaque Madni, Pune

If Burqa Is Choice?
Dear Sir, Nazneen O. Saherwala has rightly written in her “Open Letter To French President” published in February issue of MS that France should not oppose head scarves for Muslim girls and that “Men should take women seriously and treat them as equals and not just chase them around for their bodies and physical looks”.

It does not suit France, one of the important protagonists of secularism to refuse a certain group to practice their religion. The development of a country is the contribution of all the citizens. It is important for women and girls to wear burqa, because the modesty is the natural attribute which leads to cover their bodies and faces.

Being covered gives a feeling of safety from molestation and all illicit behaviours. If some women are allowed to enjoy their choice and expose the bodies, then let also some others enjoy their choice of putting on veil. Muhammad Zakariya, Mumbai

Inject Fair Probe In More Fake Encounters

Sir, This is with reference to the article “SC Decision In Sohrabuddin Encounter...” (Media Scan, February). Never in his wildest dreams had former Gujarat IGP DG Vanzara imagined that he would encounter the CBI one day. Vanzara, who has credit of eliminating many a terrorists in various encounters proved himself wrong in the case of Sohrabuddin Sheikh, who was killed in a false encounter in 2005. The decision of the apex court to hand over the investigation to CBI is laudable. This probe can now bring out the required evidence to indict not just more police officers but also their political masters.

Serious inquiries are needed in the seven “encounters” in Ahmedabad as there is possibility of the state government’s involvement. In the past seven years, numerous allegations have been levelled at the Modi government. Md. Ziyaullah Khan, via email

Sexual Discrimination In West!

Dear Sir, The propaganda by the West that it gives equal rights to women was exposed when the Baroness Greenfield, the only female director of the Royal Institution of Great Britain throughout the 21 year history, was removed from her post. As she said, the factor was also “sexual discrimination” (UK Female Scientist Alleges Sex Discrimination, Media Scan, February). The incident depicts that they are not sincere in their slogan of equality for all. The major role left for females by West, in the name of equality, is that they work as toys and satisfier of males’ cardinal desire. When they remain of no use, there is no respected place them in the society. Abdul Aziz, UP

Hypocrisy Behind Cow Protection
Dear Sir, I thank Media Scan for publishing an informative article on “Cow Politics In Karnataka” in February issue. The effort to amend the Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Cattle Preservation Act, 1964” is politically motivated. BJP which seems to slowly lose its ground in Karnataka wants to garner Hindu votes exploiting the issue. If they were so sincere in cow protection, why do they not try to have a provision prohibiting the killing of animals also for “experimental” purposes or for “vaccine”? Prasad Gowda, Bangalore

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