Thursday, April 1, 2010

Letters To The Editor

Shiv Sena Must Be Banned
Dear Sir, I was very happy to receive Media Scan for the first time. The list of the contents talks all about the standard of selecting articles for the magazine. This is an appreciable work done by you apparently without being influenced by any party of ideology. The concerns expressed in the cover story “Shiv Sena vs. India” represent the voice of common Indians. It is beyond our perception why the elements all set to divide India are allowed free rampage in the country. Their organizations must be banned and force be used to suppress them or India will splint into one another part.
Aamir Md Aamir Badr, MANUU, Hyderabad

India Should Not Ignore Neighbours
Sir, I do not agree with the point of the Media Scan mentioned in the editorial of March issue that India should give more concentration on dealing with the internal threats like ULFA, Abhinav Bharat and other separatist organizations in Kashmir without being concerned about the deteriorating situation in neighbouring countries. In my opinion India should consider terrorist outfits operating from neighbours in Indian soil more dangerous than a few going against the government. Anyway, the editorial is good.
Rajesh Shukla, Uttar Pradesh

Media Plays Hypocrite
Dear Sir, Today, the media does not fulfil its claim of being unbiased. Most of the times it plays the role it should while taking no side in news articles, but sometimes it does fail; especially if there is an ideological issue. “Two Leaders, Hero and Terrorist” (March issue, Media Diary) serves as an example in this regard. Many Muslim extremists allege that media shows prejudice towards them: any bad act of theirs is being presented as if it were the biggest blunder ever committed in the world. I do not believe in their theory. But after reading that there is much hue and cry in the media over the President of Sudan Omar Al Bashir backing Arab militia who killed black Africans in Darfur while at the same time there is no objection if Tony Blair says it openly that he would again support Iraq war, I have grown some suspicion whether media is adopting a hypocritical attitude. Why Blair, responsible for killing of thousands of innocents, is not condemned?
Abdul Qadir, via email

Why Non-Muslim Names With IM?
Sir, I was surprised to read the news item that “IM Operative Anita Arrested!” (Media Scan, March). Whenever the name India Mujahideen is referred to the image of an outfit controlled only by Muslims comes to mind. It is but some Muslims who in the name of so-called holy war of jihad have shattered the world peace and consequently everyone feels their security threatened. But to my amazement, Anita Das, Richard Agins, Tommy Ojiaga, Eron and Calossen, apparently non-Muslim names were arrested in connection with the IM. I would like to point out that either with the non-Muslims names IM Muslim operatives are busy destabilising India-and government should be cautious in this regard-or IM seemingly is a Muslim name but the organization is controlled by non-Muslims. Most probable is that the extremist elements from both the sections have been on work to destroy peaceful atmosphere of India as they do not like that the country progress. Terrorist do not have any particular religion.
Saba Qamar, Bangalore

Shahid Azmi’s Murder Raises Security Concerns
Dear Editor, This is with reference to “Shahid Azmi Laid His Life for Justice”. The brutal murder of Shahid Azmi in his office is a blow to justice. Unless all the criminals behind this nefarious act are punished there is no guarantee that such patriots will not lose their precious lives of the hands of anti-nation elements. If Shahid would receive threats and he had lodged a complaint in this regard, why adequate security was not provided to him? There is some point in the allegations that he was killed with the consent of the police as he is the person to have collected most evidences that police fabricated documents to trap innocents in terror cases.
Waseem Ahmad, Mumbai

Sena Should Stop Regionalism To Win Voters

Sir, Shiv Sena should learn a lesson from its decline in politics. Well, it managed to rule Maharashtra in the guise of protectors of Marathi manoos but not for long. It was abandoned by public once they realized that the party considered only political interests and not their welfare. One more thing which prompted people to abandon Shiv Sena is that it plays divisive politics; something that the majority does not like. It is expected from Sena that it will leave its traditional politics if it wants to gain power in future.
Shahzad Aalam, Bihar

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