Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Letter To The Editor

Treat Modi As Common Citizen

Sir, I thank Media Scan for publishing such a beautiful and unique magazine. The article “GUCOC: A Pandora Box For Minorities...” (March Issue) by Abdul Hafiz Lakhani is well written. Modi is the most hated face of Gujarat. I would like to ask through Media Scan that what a boy, who sees his family members being killed brutally and he does not get justice, will do. Naturally, he will turn violent. Therefore, those who have been victimized should get justice or terrorism will not end. Every person should be treated equally by the law. Modi should not escape punishment merely because he is a big politician and CM of Gujarat.
Abdul Karim Syed, Udgir, Maharashtra

Misuse of Freedom of Expression

Dear Sir, A new copy of Media Scan (April) is in my hand. I went through the magazine and found that all the stories in this issue are realistic. Article based on that what is freedom of expression and for what it is being used is well written. As a matter of fact this term of freedom of expression has for long been a victim of misuse. I fully agree that this freedom should be used for mutual understanding between two different units and ideology followers. Unfortunately it has been synonymous to a means for hurting religious sentiments.
Md Aamir Badr, MANUU, Hyderabad

Thought Provoking Cover Story

Sir, I extend my thanks to the magazine for such beautiful cover story on freedom of expression “Freedom To Hurt Religious Sentiments!”

This is thought provoking and I believe that saner elements in great India will pay some attention to feeling of 180 Million Muslims residing there.

Tasleemas are creations of great Satans like Salman Rushdie. To become famous easiest way is to hurt 1+ Billion Muslims through not really artistic writings. Tasleema is a pervert in all respect; was unfaithful to her husbands, made all sorts of pervert relations with men & women alike.

I wonder how Danish or British people would react if in the name of freedom of expression someone depicts Danish Queen soliciting sex or something is written against Queen of England. Tony Blair & his gang slapped Muslims on their face by decorating Salman Rushdie with highest British award. It is pity that Indian Statesmen are overlooking the very sentiment of their citizens only to be ridiculously praised by western countries. We in Bangladesh like to see that Tasleema is driven out of India as we think Indians are our friends & well wishers.
A Citizen of Bangladesh, via mail

MS Should Represent All Communities

Dear Sir, Firstly I congratulate you for providing us readers with a quality magazine like Media Scan. I think that the magazine will be a choice of every educated person. In a short period of time you have improved very much. I suggest you to give space to non-Muslims writers too in your magazine. Hence the magazine will be a representative of all the communities going beyond religious confinements and border barriers. I am sure one day MS Will be the identity of Indians. I hope to see the magazine at every bookstall and everywhere.
Ahmad S K Noor, Tamil Nadu

Crimes Flourish In Know Of Law Bearers!

Sir, This is with reference to the news item “Goa Police Arrests Israeli Drug Dealer” (Media Scan, April). I was amazed to know that the drug trade was running on the consent of those who are supposed to monitor such illegal activities. How can we check all theses irregularities if Anti-Narcotics Cell officers steal seized drugs from magistrate’s custody and then sell it to drug dealers? It is good that five policemen were suspended for being involved in the racket but there is a need to ensure that such things do not happen again.
Muhammad Aslam, UP

Why Sangh Parivar Does not Fight Naxals?

Sir, Naxals have emerged as a great threat to India and they need to be combated. The reports say that around one fifth of India reels under this menace.

Even well trained jawans find it difficult to counter their well planned terror activities. If I am not mistaken the brave, fearless, and full of patriotism cadres of the great 'Sangh Parivar', who are also equally trained in fighting should come forward to end the Naxal terror. This is the time, these courageous, brave, and 'patriotic' cadres offered their lives and services to protect the nation. Or, is their courage best displayed in government sponsored carnages and genocides alone?
Mushtaque Madni, via e-mail

BJP Opposes Reservation For Muslims, Supports WRB!

Sir, this is with reference to your editorial “Women Reservation Bill” (MS, April). Heated debate has been generated around women’s reservation bill (WRB). On one side are those saying that it should be implemented as it is, and people on the other side say that there should be quota for OBC, dalit, minorities within the quota. Most hypocritical stance on the issue of reservation has been that of BJP. It has been the constant opponent of reservations for Dalits and OBCs on the ground that this is discriminatory, and due to this the meritorious candidates will be left behind. But when it came to reservation for women it supported it. If BJP advocates reservation for women for giving them fair representation in politics, then why does it not support reservation from Muslims in educational institutions and jobs where they face underrepresentation? Farzana Nigar, Ranchi

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