Thursday, June 3, 2010

Letters To The Editor

Western Influence On Our Society

Dear Sir, I was very shocked to read the article “Effect Of Premarital Affairs On Children” (Media Scan, May). Besides children, the premarital sex also affects, physically and mentally the couples involved in it as the article has beautifully described. These people suffer from many problems in every field of their lives due to lack of confidence.

Now premarital sex may not be an offence in the court but it is a culpable crime in our Indian culture. It is really a black spot on our bright culture. Due to such permissiveness in the name of freedom, our youth--males as well as females—waste their natural energy before getting married. Consequently, to conceal their inability to lead a happy marriage life they resort to suicide or any other way.

Government must not let the youth flow in permissiveness, and legally ban “live in” relationships.

Md Faiyaz Alam Qasmi, Chittoor, AP

Give Justice To Everyone

Sir, This is a with reference to the editorial (MS, May). As a matter of fact whether it is Naxalite movement or any other violent group they are doing so because they are deprived of justice. It is duly said that injustice breeds terrorism and extremism. Unfortunately, in India many of the communities have for long been treated unequally and justice in most of the cases remains a dream for them. Unless they are given justice, internal violence cannot be expected to stop.

Shah Khalid, JNU, Delhi

Double Standard Of Police During Riots

Dear Sir , Policemen time and again have been alleged of being biased towards a certain community during the communal riots. Therefore, though it was painful but not unexpected to read that the same police who did not allow a peace rally during Hyderabad riots, allowed Hindutva outfits to hold rally while curfew was clamped. The rally in which anti-minority slogans were shouted played great role in further spreading the riots. I am surprised why a rally was sanctioned while curfew was still on in the city. To me it smells of a conspiracy of letting the riots spread.

Tafseer Ahmad, Domariagaj, UP

Need Matter On Religion

Dear Sir, First of all I extend my thanks to Media Scan for publishing such a beautiful magazine covering all important issues. The column “Readers’ Scan” is of great interest for every one as it gives a chance to everyone for expressing their opinions. What I feel is lacking in the magazine is a column devoted to the teachings of different religions. Because it is religion which encourages good morals. Moreover in the present scenario there is lack of religious teachings in every community; through the MS you can easily convey the true teachings of the religions to unacquainted people.
Syed Taufeeque Alam, Islampur, West Bengal

How On Earth is Gujarat Vibrant?

Dear Sir, Narendra Modi claims that his state Gujarat is fast growing and hence he calls it “vibrant Gujarat”. He is absolutely wrong. No one but having a habit of wandering in utopia can claim vibrancy in Gujarat. The article Swarnim Gujarat Narak For Dalits (Media Scan, May), well reveals the pathetic situation of Dalits in Gujarat. It is surprising that ages old practice of untouchability still finds a place in the 21st society of Gujarat. In the villages of the state where Dalits are in minority they have to migrate to other villages to take shelter against the atrocities of upper caste people. With Dalits undergoing such a sympathetic situation, only a shameless person like Modi can call Gujarat a vibrant state.
Shameem Ahmad, via email

A Better Monitoring Of Drug Trade Is required

Sir, Apropos to the report “Drug Scam: Old Medicine In New Bottle” (MS, May), it is surprising that expired drugs were sold for a long time without Tamil Nadu government having any clue about it. This is not the first time that such scams were known. Drug scams in India are common. The government must increase the numbers of officers monitoring the drug trades. Or it will shake people’s confidence both in the medicines and the government.
K Srinivasan, Chennai

Why did Malegaon Accused Plan To Kill RSS Chief?

Sir, I was surprised to read that Hindutva elements accused in the Malegaon blasts case had planned to kill the Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh chief “RSS Chief On Target Of Malegaon Blast Accused: Patil (Media Scan, May). If the accused were exerting efforts to establish a Hindu Rashtra, as they claim, then why they had a plan to kill a prominent Hindu leader like Mohan Bhagwat who heads the largest organization of Hindu community in India. It also depicts that terrorists do not have any religion to follow.
Abdus Saboor, Mumbai

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