Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Readers' Scan

Desai Virus In Medical Education

Dear Sir,
It is pathetic that corruption has crept almost in every department. Corruption is such a curse omnipresent in Indian society that it has a great deal to attribute towards making us backward. I appreciate Media Scan for publishing an article “Magnitude of Corruption in Medical Council of India Unimaginable” which reveals the real face of former president of Medical Council of India Ketan Desai. We do not know the intensity of damage he caused to the medical council but the harms he did only by yielding place to unskilled students in medical institutions for bribe is enough to describe it. He also snatched the rights of talented students who deserved those seats but could not offer bribe. Such elements are the virus and unless they are scanned our advancement in education will remain a slow process in this fast world. Fatema Tabassum, UP

Academic Visas For Darul Uloom A Must

Dear Sir,
Apropos to the news item “Academic Visas For Darul Uloom Need Of Hour: Deoband Rector” (Media Scan, June), the Indian government must issue academic visas for students aspiring for studying in Darul Uloom. Since the institution is of international repute in Islamic education, many students wish they had a degree from Darul Uloom. In past, students from different countries would come for attaining knowledge in the university but now despite their strong desire they cannot come.

Government must ponder upon the demand by the rector of Darul Uloom, Deoband supported by the Samajwadi Party national leader Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav.
Farhat Qasmi, Mumbai

Where Are Hindu Missing Girls?

Respected Sir, I was shocked to read that as many as 30,000 Hindu girls disappeared during some last months, allegedly kidnapped by Muslims “Love Jihad, A Term Created By Hindu Fundamentalists, Fail To Spread Hatred” (Media Scan, June). Where have protectors of these girls gone? Why are the parents not coming forward with complaints regarding the issue? That nothing as claimed has happened tells that either the claim of their disappearance was false or it is the propagators who led to their disappearance. However, the issue is serious in nature and it should be given suitable attention. Sajeda Parveen, via email

Distinguish Real From Fake

Sir, This refers to the article “Ram Ram Japna, Paraya Maal Apna” (Media Scan, June, 2010). The intrusion of selfish elements in the world of spirituality is not a good omen for it. Undoubtedly, the institution of religious seers is rife with self-styled and fake leaders who aim at people’s pocket and physical pleasure. I was surprised to know that Swami Nithyananda held a post which requires celibacy, yet he had to face not only sexual charges but he is also believed to have been indulged in unnatural sex. The public before putting their trust in religious leaders must examine them and avoid themselves being trapped by false claimers of spirituality. Aqib Javed, Delhi

Stern Punishment For Treacherous

Sir, After reading the “Tale of Two Traitors” (Media Scan, June), I realized how some people whom the country trusts are ready to sell the country for love and for physical pleasure. Whether it is Madhuri Gupta who supplied secrets to Pakistani intelligence agencies or commodore Sukhjinder Singh who cheated India by not going even once at the spot to oversee the repair of Admiral Gorshkov in Russia (he was assigned the same duty) stern punishment should be meted out on them that would serve as a lesson for others. If Gupta were a member of the Muslim community, the media would have spent all its energy proving that her action was because her community is treacherous to India. But due to her being from a non-Muslim community, the media not only showed misery in condemning her by taking her issue seriously but also at some time tried to prove that it was because she had close relations with a Muslim family in Lucknow. Such incidents are threat to India’s security and they must be taken seriously whether the person involved is a Muslim or from a non-Muslim community. Abdul Kareem, Bangalore

Nithyananda Case Shook My Belief In Seers

Sir, I would hold our religious leaders in great respect. But the case of Swami Nithyananda has shaken my good belief in them. I thank Media Scan for publishing a special report on the wrong doings of these self-styled seers who carry out misdeeds behind the beautiful veil of religion. Hinduism never teaches to rob people’s money. It asks its seers to live a life of abstention from worldly pleasure. Seers accused of murdering for posts and indulging in illegal sexual pleasure are stigma on the name of Hinduism.
S. Rajagopalan, Coimbatore

Constructive Stories Needed

Dear Sir, I found the June issue of your esteemed magazine Media Scan and went through it completely. I could come across only a few articles of interest in the whole magazine. Right from the editorial to the cover story to the special report to news in brief, the magazine is full of fraud, terrorism and corruption stories. It seems after reading your magazine there is no good left in this world. There are many constructive news items that surface in the media world, you should publish them. Yes, journalism is also supposed to point out the social evils and suggest solutions to them, but this is not what the media is all about. Be positive in your approach. Neha Aggarwal, via email

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