Saturday, October 2, 2010

Readers' Corner

RTE Act Should Be Amended

Sir, It’s nice to see Media Scan completing one year successfully, growing rapidly. My best wishes, as always. Some of our present day scholars dreamt about 100% literate India by the year 2020. In this regard, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’s scheme is really commendable. It should be most appropriate way to implement the Right to Education Act to have it amended after the points a section of Indians is raising concerns over, are discussed debated and finalized with the concerned authorities. It is the way the developed countries adopt. Suggestions must be taken from reputed private educational institutions of all sects and communities for the purpose. Anyway it’s nice to see that our country is marching towards development and growth by adopting compulsory education for all. Muktuni, Vijayanagar, Bangalore

Through Education Terrorism Can Be Curbed

Dear Sir, The whole nation was crying for the damage done by terrorists through bomb blasts and blamed Islam and Muslims for it. Sorrowfully, as it unfolded later, our own patriotic brothers and sisters along with the security personnel have been found involved in this heinous crime against humanity and the nation. We should remain in constant touch with world leaders to confront terrorism and at the same time we should try to teach our security forces the potential to combat the menace. Our leaders must concentrate on education every citizen as education will prove to be a useful means to urge people to avert from terror activities and hence we will ensure that at least our future generation live in peace and harmony. Talapakati, Vaniyambadi, TN

Education Should Aim At Morals

Sir, I wholly agree with the opinion expressed in your article “RTE Ok, But What About Right To Religious Education” (MS, August). The government should leave the madaris on their situation. Every citizen must be educated. But there is no reason that religious education is excluded from the definition of education. Education is not all about making money, something called morals should be the real aim of education. This is what is taught in religious institutions. Sajeda Parveen, Jaipur

Jinnah Was Compelled To Demand For Separate Land?

Dear Sir, In 1930, British Officer chaired Cripps’s Commission and surveyed the Indian sub continent, which paved the way for SELF RULE.
Simon Commission taking this idea forward proposed for election. This was the first democratic step taken in AKHANDA BHARATH (Un-divided India ). In result to that Hindus, Muslims and other community representatives were elected for provincial councils, but some vested interests (P J Nehru, V B Patel & their master Mountbatten) conspired and distributed major posts to Hindu representatives avoiding Muslim elected member, resulting Jinnah to declare separate home Land for Muslims. History is repeating in Gujrat juncture. “Gujarat Government Creating Pakistans In India” (Media Scan, August, 2010). Aadil R A, Gargeshwari

Rich Should Take Care of Poor

Sir, This is with reference to your article “Zakat: Economic Upliftment and Dignity to the Poor” (Media Scan, August). While Islam encourages its adherents to show generosity towards their fellow human being it is sad to see that majority of them happened to be miser when it comes to take out money from their pockets for others. Millions of people throughout the world are living on the verge of starvation and on the other hand some Muslims fill their stomach with varieties of dishes. If only they could understand the plight of poor fellow beings. Md. Aslam Salim, AMU, UP

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