Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Muthalik: The Trouble Maker Of The South

Before he catches the imagination of some troublemakers this creator of nuisance should be booked. The government must stop the advancing steps of Pramod Muthalik and his gang. He is recruiting a team of idle Hindu youth and indoctrinating them to his criminal agenda. As he tries to create a gang of trouble creators the government remains a mere spectator!

The man of many evils, Mr. Pramod Muthalik, the infamous right-wing rabble-rouser from Karnataka, who was kicked out of Bangalore (pink chaddi campaign), is upto mischief again.
He has been let loose by the state government to create division among peacefully living Hindus and Muslims. The inaction of the authorities gives him courage to put in practice what he preaches.
The bearer of an ideology that promotes terrorism has been cheating the common Hindus by christening his organization after Rama. Perhaps he does not know that Rama was a preacher of peace while his Ram Sene is always about hatred.
It is now an open secret that the Sene chief is a man of riots. Staging communal riots is his business.
People like Muthalik are directly helping foreign countries that like to see a country face internal security issues, which ensures the business of arms supply is profitable. The relation of Muthalik with Israel, the economy of which heavily depends on arms supply, is not hidden. The possibility of him being used by arms supplying countries cannot be ruled out. Riots do not bring any benefit to any community. Then why on earth does Muthalik and co. plan riots. Should not these people who plot riots be put behind bars or treated in the mental asylum.
Wasn’t it surprising when Muthalik was caught red handed taking money as payment to stage communal riots by using his dirty network spreading across many states? This was a first in the history of communal politics in India. Is it the religion zeal that drives these young boys or the easy loot of the helpless victims?
It is a shame of our times that the government jails anyone from the minority community merely on suspicion, is reluctant to punish this well known Goonda.
The Result? The confident Muthalik is preparing a new gang to create mayhem in society. According to the media reports, he has created an army of 100 youths to toe his line and has trained them in martial arts.
Some days back Muthalik’s Sri Rama Sene set up a week-long camp in Nandagaon village near Athani of Belgaum district in Karnataka. The purpose was to train these youth by four retired army personnel to fight fanatic elements in other community.
The youth at the camp were brainfed. They were shown video clips of earlier terror attacks, according to them, executed by Muslims. The gullible youth will forever distrust their fellow countrymen from now on.
Muthalik also approached the police to train these youth in handling firearms but the police did not oblige. The top brass of the police said they would never allow him to misuse the police machinery. The police refused to give arms training to Goondas that they should be sending to jail.
Since Pramod Muthalik & Co do not have permission to give the youth training in firearms, they want the youths to enroll for the civilian rifle training programme conducted by the police in Bangalore and other districts.
He says, “We do not have weapons. It becomes illegal if we train them in handling weapons. So, what is wrong in availing of something which is available to civilians? Why is a big issue being made out of it?”
Muthalik told a news daily, “We have told them to go to their respective districts and enroll for the civilian training programme, become experts in handling weapons and ammunition, then come back to us for taking on terrorists and protecting the motherland.”
Commenting on this the newspaper writes, “This is where the real worry begins for the police. If they give training to Muthalik’s men and they become Lt Col Purohits and Aseemanands, who are accused of carrying out blasts in Malegaon and Hyderabad, they will draw flak.”
When asked what they would do if Muthalik’s men come to them seeking weapons training, additional Director General of Bangalore police (law & order) R K Dutta said, “Under no circumstances will we allow them. If some organisation approaches us for this programme, we will screen their antecedents and reject permission if something is fishy. Our programme is for able-minded citizens of this country to protect themselves in self-defence.
“We cannot allow individuals or organisations to misuse police for their vested agendas. I will alert the SPs of all the district to remain alert about such people and not to give them any training.'”
Intelligence Bureau sleuths are watching Muthalik's camp. Information has been collected about the participants. It may be recalled that Muthalik had distributed trishuls to youth in the past to take on the nation’s ‘enemies’.
The sooner this menace is contained the better it would be.

By Hamid Siddharthi

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