Friday, September 2, 2011

The Cost Of War

The economy of the United States and the European giants like France, United Kingdom and Italy is going through tough times. Analysts predict the next few years will mark the end of European and American supremacy in the world.
The experts believe if there is no immediate stability soon the increasing unemployment frustration may lead to civil war in the U.S.
A few weeks back poverty struck and deprived citizens of once Great Britain came on the streets creating mayhem throughout London and in other cities. Suffering from unemployment the citizens of the country, which was famous for its dignified public behavior, resorted to looting and arson. All communities were involved in this show of frustration.
Italy has adopted a tough new austerity package hoping it would help tackle the huge public debt and balance its budget.
And a debt crisis is waiting to engulf France.
Israel has also seen anti-establishment demonstrations over the past few days over rising prices. The demonstrations were first of their kind when the number are considered—sometimes 3,00,000 of an estimated total 58,18,200 of the population.
Among many reasons for economic instability America, Britain, France, Italy and Israel are facing is their excessive involvement in war. Instead of investing the asset of public taxes into profitable business or public welfare schemes they have diverted a considerable chunk of the taxes in endless wars.
From Iraq to Afghanistan to Libya they not only sacrificed their men for nothing but also squandered state wealth for no good. The all time engagement of Israel with Palestine and the neighboring Arab countries is now showing in economic hardship.
The natural outcome of this war mania is the current situation in these regions. They are reeling under debt, their people are turning against them, and the peace in their society is becoming harder to keep as the days pass.

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