Wednesday, February 3, 2010

YET ANOTHER BRUTALITY BY ISRAEL EXPOSED: Education Demurs Israel's Strategists

Hundreds of schools educating thousands of innocent children were blown up by Israel in Palestine; an act that deprives children of their basic right to education. Where is humanity?

Israel's military bombed hundreds of schools where thousands of innocent children studied. Does counter terrorism justify brutally blowing up the innocence packed schools? Should we say Taliban exploded schools to bring a terror regime and Israel to eradicate it?

Education equips people with the tools that assist them in getting life going. Acquiring education is the birthright of every single child on the planet. Whoever tries to stop a child off acquiring education perpetrates a heinous unforgivable and filthy crime and plays a villain to the advancement and development of the world.

In Afghanistan, a few months back, Taliban shut down the schools and received international condemnation. No such words for Israel!

The main influence on children in Gaza is the fear of arbitrary injury or death from the air and the surrounding land inflicted by all the different arms available to the Israeli army. Gaza Children can identify all sorts of munitions they scavenge after attacks. Thousands of children have had the horrifying experience of witnessing their homes occupied by Israeli soldiers who cram the family into one small room preventing them even from using the bathroom and lavatory. Thousands of them lost their homes to demolition. Israel's warplanes infiltrate Palestinian sky sometimes to pour the fire and sometimes for the sole cruel intention of frightening and disorienting civilians.

Moreover, the increasing rate of unemployment in the Gaza strip together with the escalating levels of poverty have meant that parents are unable to meet the basic requirement needed to send their children to school.

When this is the condition- life threatening and far worse than that, then just going to school is a major act of courage and bravery. You know not whether you will return home safe. If you manage to reach home safely, home is also not a safe place anymore. Just going to a school is not enough for acquiring education. You further need books, notebooks, pencils and contentment as well. Of which a large number of Palestinian children can dream of none. Families cannot afford uniforms, transportations and security. In Gaza alone more than 80% families are living below poverty line. But all goes unnoticed.

In an interview conducted by Caroline McClatchey a Palestinian child Adel responded on what he did not like about Abu Dis, his native place in Palestine "What I don't like? We can't move freely around. It's not very safe. I can only move between four kilometres, it's like a big prison." The thoughts are similar among all. Can the world afford to treat its future citizens like this!

See how Israel's terror is affecting kids globally. Atwelve year Malaysian student very accurately remarked in an essay he has written on the website "if you think the powerful Americans will keep the Jewish Israelis in check, then I would say no, no, no you are wrong. They already have America in their control, they control its economy. They dominate the American people with Credit Card interests which are at the lowest a 30% charge for the American card users and it is even more now." Do not go after the language or material, just observe and wonder how deep-rooted is the hate for Israel in the heart of this Malaysian kid.

A Palestinian civilian Abu Amjad who resides in Gaza told "My kids go to a governmental school but the irony is that I could not buy them the necessary reading stuff." And a Palestinian woman Ummul Amjad expressed her grief and anxiety saying "I searched markets in Gaza but nowhere I found notebooks and pencils available. The shops where these articles are available they sell them at extravagantly high prices." "I alone feed and earn living for my children after my husband fell prey to Israeli army's murderous hands" Saying this she burst into tears. She demanded Ministry of Education of Palestine to end the turmoil and launch a movement to stop the military and educational crimes of Israel.

On the 9th of September, 2009 a huge group of students protested holding placards that bore sarcastic and condemnatory one-liners against educational impediments created by Israel. After the protest the young demonstrators submitted a message against tyrannical Israel, to the local office of UNO, directly addressing the Sec. Gen. Ban-ki Moon.
The famous Arabic magazine 'Falasteen Muslima' published statistics which they have taken from Ministry of Education of Palestine that illustrates in last year alone 240 students and 15 teachers have succumbed to Israeli terror. Besides, 942 sustained injuries. Of which mostly are now disabled. The report also describes that many schools in Gaza have been demolished and numerous others are partly damaged. Moreover, 4828 homes where school going children lived are destroyed and 9738 are damaged. "This war ruthlessly annihilated schools, hostels, and libraries," education minister complained.

The way Israel is aiming at centres of learning insinuates that they do not tolerate Palestinians getting educated. It may well put an end to Israel's supremacy.

The lament of this tragedy should be constantly ringing in the media to neutralize Israel's courage but unfortunately it received next to no coverage. Media is otherwise busy lionizing Israel. If media, as popularised often, is unbiased then why does it not bother to highlight the shameful game being played out on Palestinian turf. If Taliban shut down schools no one feels tired reproaching it but when it is repeated and repeatedly by Israel, in far monstrous form, nobody in the media looks concerned. Why this double standard? Why this duplicity and self- centeredness? If it is not this then what is it. Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela rather beautifully sums up the case as Time magazine quoted him "The question is not whether Israelis want to exterminate the Palestinians. They are doing it openly." Yet the media goes on playing mute spectator to all the vicious drama unfolding. The perpetual neglect of this campaign warms up Israel's nasty warfront to continue their bombings. People often are hoodwinked into believing that this ia a territorial conflict and each group is justified in pursuing its determined end. But this disguise is no more relevant.

Carol Scheller in the article published in The Electronic Intifada, 15 April 2008 stated 'to hold religion the core of conflict between Israelis and Palestinians' is 'harmful and incorrect' but Carol rather declares it 'territorial'. In her version 'two people lay claim to the same land' and that's all. However, when we dig in we find its roots inseparably attached to religion. God knows how we detach it! Why the territory became so much important to each group that they are ready to die or kill for it? By just residing in it? It deserves a big NO as all historical proofs are screaming otherwise. Jews proudly brandish the verse of exodus where prophet Abraham is bequeathing them the land of then Canan now Palestine. Still they dub it just a territorial war. Nothing bigger!

Even if it is a war for territory alone, it is against humanity that schools where innocent children are getting education are blown up and children are restricted from attending schools. Is anyone listening? *

By U. Imran Zakir

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