Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Dear Readers!

This month there are two reasons to celebrate. Independent India is 63 years old. MEDIA SCAN completes its first year.

Media Scan started its pursuit of truth in august, 2oo9. Month by month, the magazine has been seeing improvement in all aspects. During this period of one year we had complete realization that you are always there to support us through your generous contributions. I extend many thanks to your passionate reading. In fact, the thanks, you deserve, is beyond words.

Media Scan is a mission. We started this magazine with an aim to initiate a campaign against corruption and anti-national elements. Through this magazine, we try to end the social evils and expose the enemies of India who are at work to polarize the country on religious and linguistic grounds, and hence to ensure that India remains united. To put an end to every kind of terrorism, and dig out the reasons behind it has always been on our top of our agenda. Media Scan also serves as a means to reach the voice of aam aadmi to the government. Media scan as the name suggests reveals the malicious campaign of biased reporting by a section of the media.

Your constant love for the magazine has enabled us to achieve success during the last one year. But, the fact remains that there is still a long way to go.

When we had started Media Scan to spread truth there were a few takers for this vision. We had little support. Days rolled by and today we have many readers who have joined this noble mission. The readership has crossed the targets we had set. It encourages us that you readers are showing immense interest in Media Scan. Your support and interest in the magazine has been the chief motivating factor to overcome hurdles and hardships to bring out every issue. We hope this help and support will continue in the future.

At this time, we would also like to thank our staff who work with enthusiasm and sincerity to ensure that the magazine is published in time. The staff interacts with our readers to find out your views and based on your feedback we have brought a lot of changes and improvement to the magazine. Again I have to thank the readers whose support gives encouragement to the staff of Media Scan. Our readers in fact give direction to the magazine.

Due to your cooperation at every step we have been able to complete one year of Media Scan. We promise that in future, too, Media Scan will continue carrying out its mission. We would try to publish articles that help build a strong and peaceful India. Thanks to you all we are still on the track of pursuing truth.*

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