Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Readers; Scan

Extracting Truth From Roots
Dear Sir, I am a PG student from Andhra Pradesh. I read the copy of Media Scan of June. I was totally shocked with the truth that were revealed by this magazine. It is a gifted item for our media workers who are extracting the truth from the roots. Each and every topic includes nice materials. I advice to include the topic of “CONSUMERISM” that is totally distracting the young IT people. F.M. Faheemullah, Andhra Pradesh

Media Should Understand What Fatwa Is
Sir, I am thankful to you as you have helped me remove my misconception about fatwas. I, as many people are, was of the belief that mullahs issue their diktat i.e. fatwas from their own to ensure that their supremacy remains over women. I doubted whether fatwas were made only to compel women to live the life of a subjugated creature. But thanks to your article “Fatwa: The Second Most Abused Word Of Islam” (July Issue) that opened before me the reality of fatwas; that fatwas are based on Islamic teachings and not on the wish of maulvis. I was astonished to know that in the same way as a woman is not allowed to work where she cannot observe Islamic teachings, men are also prohibited from adopting a profession, like drug and alcohol business, where they have to violate Islamic teachings. Media had better understand what fatwa is before calling it a diktat of mullahs which they want to impose on other Muslims. Reeham Shaikh, Tamil Nadu

Who Are Ulama To Advise Individual Muslim?
Respected Sir, The interview of Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband deputy rector Maulana Abdul Khaliq Madrasi is very informative. Though the Maulana opines that Deoband is an academic institution and issuing fatwa is not its sole objective at all, reality is that what we get from the institution is a chunk of fatwas issued continually to keep Muslim community far from the mainstream. I am unable to understand why ulama think it their obligation to meddle in every affair which in no way are concerned to them. If a Muslim woman wants to do work in any office who are they to dictate to her to not speak frankly to male colleagues or put on veil. It is none of their business. They should better keep themselves limited to the premises of madaris and let every Muslim practice their choice. Asghar Ali, Bidar, Karnataka

Constitute A Board To Certify Who Can Issue Fatwas

Sir, While you have given a long list of so many sciences the acquaintance with which is must for anyone who issues fatwas, I do not think that those issuing fatwas have command over these sciences. The so-called muftis are never aware about the ‘current situation’ which is a mandatory condition for issuing fatwa as outlined by you in the article “Fatwa: The Second Most Abused Word of Islam” (Media Scan, July). They might know some sciences but how will they know Mathematics, Logic and Philosophy. If knowing those sciences is a condition must then there should be constituted a board which will certify that a certain person fulfils this criterion and only he/she is entitled to issue fatwas. Muhammad Qasim, Mumbai

Media Scan Is Different
Dear Editor, I saw some of your articles on Media Scan Bangalore blog and liked it. I would like to have a print copy of your magazine. Being attached to journalism, I realized after going through the articles on your blog, that you are trying to do a different work from other contemporary magazines. Rais Khan, Mumbai

Stop Misuse Of AFSPA
Dear Sir,
This is with reference to “Serial Killings Of Students...” (July 2010). As a matter of a bitter reality many innocent Kashmiris have been victims of Indian Forces. Worse is the trend in the valley to kill students. There is no doubt that Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) is being misused in Kashmir. Such amendments must be made to this act that will make a guilty soldier liable to punishment. In present situation, since the forces cannot be investigated for their acts, they are fearlessly misusing their powers on the cost of the lives of innocent citizens in the name of combating insurgency. Irshad Ahmad, via email

NHRC Not On Right Track In Batla House Probe
Sir, Apropos to the news in July issue of Media Scan “What is the use of NHRC?” National Human Rights Commission relied upon the controversial version of the Delhi police in Batla House encounter case smells a conspiracy. From the day first not only media but also parents of the killed students had risen questions about the encounter being genuine. It is nothing but laziness on part of NHRC to even cross check the police version. How is it a human rights commission when it did not even once feel the need to meet and listen to the families of the students? Shafeeq Sultan, Azamgarh, UP

Pre-assumption About Culprits Hinders Fair Probe
Dear Editor, I got the July issue of Media Scan on 15th of the month and read some articles from here and there. “ATS Ruins the life of Samad and many more: Does anyone take notice?” is a good article. The arrest of the youth of a certain community in connection with the blasts is the result of assumption by our investigating agencies that only Muslims are wrongdoers. Of course, there have come some changes in this wrong notion after late ATS chief Hemant Karkare unveiled face of Hindutva terrorism probing Malegaon 2008 blasts case. Yet after the arrest of Abdus Samad our home minister Mr. P Chidambaram was quick to draw conclusion that Pune German Bakery case was solved and media showed that Samad was the mastermind behind the blasts. This shows the existence of a specific concept about Muslim youth. Saqib Ahmad, Shimoga, Karnataka

Majority Hindus Treated Badly In India!

Sir, With reference to the article “Brahmins Have Become The Dalits” (July, 2010), Francois Gautier has rightly outlined that some of the Brahmins in today’s India are leading a life worse than Dalits. They are compelled to do some of the works that were only the share of Dalits if we go only some years back. Gautier is also right when he says that in India the Hindu majority is treated badly by the government. Members of the community are wrongly trapped in Malegaon, Ajmer and Makkah Masjid blasts while two Muslims convicts of helping 26/11 perpetrators have been freed. Isn’t it true that the spiritual leader of Hindus Swami Nithyananda, without any base, was portrayed by the media as a sex swami and looter of wealth? Government must think that Hindus are in majority in India. Ashok Jayaram, Chennai

U. S. Should Take Notice Of Israel’s Atrocities
Respected Sir, The editorial of July issue “U.N.O. Powerless Against Israel Without U.S. Support” is an eye opener. The champion of human rights United States is mum when it comes to Israel’s violation of human rights. Had it been any other country killing scores of aid workers in broad day light it would have faced the consequence of Afghanistan and Iraq but it seems as if America has no courage to punish Israel. If seen in reality Israel to a great extent is dependent on America’s help for its existence. Israel, with full support from America has been defying any guidelines provided by the United Nations to ensure that no country commits tyranny over the other. America is equally responsible for human rights violations as is Israel. Muhammad Shakir, Ranchi, Jharkhand

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