Monday, December 20, 2010

RSS Seeking An Alternative To BJP?

It seems as if RSS is fed up with its political branch BJP and therefore has started to carry out the activities that originally should be done by the political party.

The efforts of the RSS, which claims to be the monopolist in representing all the Hindus, met a strong shock. Now, the Mungerilal’s dream of the Sangh, to lead all us Hindus, has smashed and RSS is seen as an important sponsor of terrorism. Sangh elders of Nagpur are in edgy disposition. Usually, it is BJP and VHP which the RSS has in the frontline when it is a political case. Changing this trend, the RSS has made up mind to itself venture in the field. The RSS chairman Mr. Mohan Bhagwat has appealed to the Lucknow people to stage a demonstration against the central government of Dr. Manmohan Singh. Recently, the investigations revealed the undeniable association of RSS with terrorism. The allegations of Bhagva terrorism have terrorised RSS. It is for the first time the RSS has decided to come to the roads against the Congress government in the Centre. RSS sees the tag of terrorism over it as an effort to defame the outfit and puncture its dream of attaining monopoly over the Hindu society. Going by history it becomes explicit that the establishment of RSS itself was for nothing but to break the unity of Indians resulted by Gandhiji’s movement in 1920. The then dream of the RSS to become the only leader of all the Hindus has proven a dream too good to come true.
The power the Indians started to have in the wake of the Gandhiji’s movement in 1920 terrified the British imperialists. They exerted efforts for cultural intervention. Former revolutionist V. D. Savarkar, who was among the fresh enrolees in the army faithful to the British, wrote his book “Hindutva: Who Is A Hindu” in 1923-1924. The book was planned to be used as a weapon to fulfil the common man’s political wishes. This was the time when RSS was founded. The RSS, the purposes of which are told to include the most important aim of fighting against the slavery of the previous one thousand years. In the leadership of Gandhiji the whole India was uniting against the British. This effort was meant to divert the attention of Indians and prepare them against Muslims. This would have benefitted the English; the swords of Indians pulled against the English would search for Muslim rulers who predated the British. Thus the English ruled without any resistance. The principle of cultural nationalism is found in this book of Savarkar. Mahatma Gandhi was not unaware of the efforts of the British to divide the Indians through Hindu Mahasabha of Savarkar and RSS. Perhaps, it was therefore that he added the agenda of social reforms to his movement. But the British government succeeded to polarize the Hindu-Muslim unity by politics of riots.
In 1927, the RSS created riots in Nagpur. Later this model was repeated in the rest of the country. Consequently, the English dispersed the unity of common Indians, with the help of its friends. Now, the identification of the RSS is as the supporter of terrorism.
A big leader of RSS Indresh Kumar will be prosecuted on accusation of being involved in Ajmer bomb blasts conspiracy. Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and the gang accused in the Malegaon blasts will face trial under MCOCA. This gang was unveiled by the former Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare. The arrests of the terrorists from the Hindutva organizations by Karkare perturbed the RSS and the elements associated to it. The Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was anxious and became an active campaigner of Karkare’s suspension. The Sanghis in the rest of the country were not in any different condition. But the destiny has written otherwise and Hemant Karkare was killed by his foes in the infamous Mumbai terror attack. With the death of Karkare, the Hindutva terrorists breathed a sigh of relief. Or from the pace of Karkare’s work it seemed he would very soon expose the terrorism of Hindutva organizations.
The RSS has complained that the BJP remained a mere spectator while it was being labelled as a terror outfit. Rather, the RSS says, the party let the theory get strength and did not try to check it at political level. So, the RSS has decided to involve publically in the politics of dharna and agitation. Now it appears RSS has made up mind to marginalize BJP. It complains that the UPA government has almost succeeded to propagate the Sanghi Terrorism Brand and the BJP is not taking any political action in this regard. Now, the angry Sanghi leadership will be in the field.
Since 1980, it was BJP that held the responsibility to fight political battle on behalf of RSS. But, in 1984 when the party reached almost zero the Vishwa Hindu Parishad was taken forward for this purpose. Unfortunately for RSS, there too, it had to face failure because the VHP leaders turned out to be more irresponsible than the BJP leaders.
The leaders of RSS terrorism cell are arrested one by one. The BJP is not taking any action. RSS called a dharna on November 10 but it was a total flop. The organization that has its subordinate outfits solve political problems, if it ventures in the field by itself it indicates to any great topsy-turvy in Sanghi politics.
In 2004, BJP was removed from the centre and since then there have been talks of political differences in the party. BJP is an established political organization but its president is elected in Nagpur where a fashion of accepting any one as a leader does not exist.
But, when Nitin Gadkari was made president, the leaders in Delhi did not let him get the status that suits a national president of any party. When Gadkari appointed Arjun Munda as Jharkhand CM, the Delhi party leaders had this step ridiculed by their media men.
The Advani group leaders, with the help of their Congress colleagues in the Central government tried to prove Sudhanshu Mittal—very close to Gadkari—is more corrupt than Suresh Kalmadi as regards Common Wealth Games corruption. They succeeded to an extent. Successful efforts were made to also trap the Nagpur businessman Sancheti associated with RSS in Mumbai’s Adarsh Housing scam. If Congress propagated that the flat of Sancheta’s driver was that of Gadkari, it is believed that strong BJP leaders in Delhi were behind this plot.
Today, the situation is that close associates of RSS have been trapped in cases of Sanghi Terrorism or economic corruption. All this operation was done by the Delhi leaders of Advani group with co-operation from their friends in the Congress. Technically, they cannot be held responsible for that. Such situation leads to confusion. RSS is unnerved due to the BJP leaders of Delhi and by marginalizing them it wants to fight its battle by its own. Consequently, Nagpur has lost trust in the RSS political branch the BJP. Now, RSS is in mood to establish any new political power to cherish its dream of Hindu Rashtra!

By: Shesh Narayan Singh

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