Monday, December 20, 2010

Too Much Reliance On Others

The U.S. President Mr. Barrack Hussain Obama concluded a successful visit of India. During his visit, the media did not extend him the welcome as when former American Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush came to India. When Mr. Bush, unpopular even in America due to his decision to attack Afghanistan and Iraq, visited India the media was all praise for him.
The media, especially the electronic media, criticized Obama over his stand regarding Pakistan. Mr. Obama stayed in the Hotel Taj, the prime target by the terrorists during the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. He showed sympathy for the victims and ensured that the culprits will have to meet the consequences, but he abstained from giving any reference to David Coleman Headely, a Pakistani origin FBI agent who is alleged to be the prime accused in the attack. He did not mention the role of LeT, allegedly supported by Pakistan, in the attack.
Instead Obama maintained that Pakistani government was fighting terrorism and that a stable, prosperous and peaceful Pakistan was not only in the interest of India but also its need. It duly angered our political leaders and Prime Minister declared before him that India cannot negotiate with Pakistan until the latter stops terrorism.
India is a powerful country. Even Americans have done 10 billion worth commercial agreement with it. India is now at a stage where it should not expect too much from others.
Though media is supposed to criticize the government policies, it is playing merely a representative of the management. Recently, there was a campaign against Common Wealth Game administration and it seemed that they would be a failure. But CWG did take place but there was not mention in the media of Sheila Dikshit, the CM of Delhi, and her success.
According to the famous political commentator Zafar Aagha, Media is influenced by the Hindutva ideology. The BJP favours America’s Republican Party in the same way our media does not approve of Obama from the Democratic Party. The statement of Obama regarding Pakistan has been taken as only pretence to criticize him, believes Aagha.
“From most of the debates on the TV channels, it seemed as if Obama instead of being the president of United States is the president of Pakistan and he has come only to discuss Indo-Pak issues. Some anchors complain why he did not declare Pakistan a ‘terrorist state’. Some politicians are sad as Obama did not abuse Lashkar-e-Taiba,” he wrote.
Perhaps the opinion maker journalists expected Obama to include Pakistan in the list of terrorist states and hence snap all diplomatic relations.
We are an emerging economy of the world. If the attitude of the media does not change with this changing reality, then it does no good to the cause of making Indians proud of their country.

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