Thursday, January 13, 2011

In The Name Of Rama!

It’s pathetic when the name of God is used to do evil on earth. Bhagwan Rama is being misused by Hindutva terrorists. But what is more pitiable is that adherents of Rama have forgotten what he stood for and what his teachings were.

If Rama were to come and see how his adherents are misusing his name for bloodshed on the earth, he would certainly be anguished. He himself fought against evil forces his entire life. But what could be done when his name is used as a reason to validate all types of evils.

Among those singing the hymn of Rama are some who are busy plotting violence against humanity and some others plunder public money. Compare between the practices of Rama and his followers of today and you will be astonished to find that both of them are at two extreme ends.

While Rama was a messenger of peace his followers have been proving they are given life only for the sole purpose of spreading hatred among human beings. The peaceful co-existence of India was badly disturbed by Ramjanam Bhoomi movement launched by the Hindutva extremists in the name of Rama. Here Rama was used for political gains by some vested interest leaders of BJP. On the forefront of the Rath Yatra that killed thousands of Indians, was a communal leader (originally from Sindh, Pakistan).
As a matter of fact, when the very protagonists of Ram Temple were in rule they did not erect Ram temple. But they did manage to erect the wall of hatred between two sections of the Indian society. When amidst the slogans of Jai Shri Ram the historical Babri Masjid was brought down to earth it was not only a mosque destroyed but the very foundation of Indian democracy was shaken. Perhaps, it was the most troublesome moment for Rama’s soul.

The demolition of Babri Masjid by the Hindutva terrorists proved to be a turning point in the bilateral relationship between Hindus and Muslims. Both the communities have a glorious past that saw them living like members of a family. Since the demolition, secular leaders of both the communities tried their best to bring the communities as close as they were in the pre-1992 era. But their efforts were a total failure.

The communal elements on the other side have been gradually creating more distance between them. This became possible through false flag operations: Hindutva elements orchestrated blasts throughout the country and fingers were raised towards Muslim youth. Consequently, many Muslim youth found that in a society of which they were considered an integral part are alienated by Hindu brethren.

In the name of Rama, the fanatic elements polarized the cosmopolitan Indian society. If Rama founded a Ram Rashtra again, he would never allow violence against followers of other faiths. Here in India, even on the way to establishing the Rashtra the Hindutva elements destroyed thousands of innocent lives.

Casting a cursory look at the blasts that shook India it dawns upon one that the very foundation of the so-called Ram Rashtra was to be founded on bloody ground. The probes have revealed the Hindutva executors of the blasts wanted to transform Indian democracy in to Ram Rashtra.

These terrorists do not hesitate even to prefix or suffix Rama to their names to show that they are very close to their claimed model Ramchandraji. They christen their outfits after Rama. But the reality is quite different.

Take an example of Ramanarayan Kalsangra? Who Ramanarayan? He is an alleged murderer of Indian innocents and destroyer of peaceful co-existence of Indian society. Wanted in many blasts, Ramanarayan is still out of the reach of investigating agencies. The inclusion of Rama in his name could not affect him to become a peace loving person.
Sri Ram Sene should be an outfit propagating the message of peace because the association of its name with Rama suggests so. But as a person gets to know about its anti-nation activities they are compelled to opine that it is an utter misuse of the name of Rama. Under the chieftainship of Pramod Mutalik, the Sene has been active in vandalism.

Its infamous chief Mutalik was caught on camera demanding Rs 60 lakhs. In return he was ready to stage riots in the Muslim-dominated areas of Karnataka. Mutalik has over 45 cases pending against him, and is wanted by the police in 11 districts of Karnataka. Under the banner of Rashtra Raksha Sene, Mutalik claimed to have trained as many as 700 people to carry out suicide attacks.

When any bad act is performed by an individual it harms only his/her identity. But in the case, they are related to any organization or a specific religion it brings bad name also to that outfit or the religion. The real adherents of Rama must take immediate action to check the Hindutva elements from misusing the name of Rama. Or, they will bring much more shame and defamation to the religion too.

By Staff Wrtier

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