Thursday, January 13, 2011

Letter To The Editor

Voting For Development
Respected Sir, With reference to the editorial “Governance Trumps Caste Politics In Bihar”. The Bihar assembly elections mark a turning point in Indian politics. That the voters of Bihar voted for development indicates now they are fed up with caste and religion based politics. It is a good sign that India in future will be one the super powers in economy. Voters will be interested in developmental activities leaving behind politics of religion and caste. And they will find more time to invest in constructive activities. Reportedly, many Muslims voted for BJP; a party which they would abstain for its communal agendas. It shows that voters do not stand by a specific party. What they give importance is better infrastructure and higher life standards which Nitish Kumar in his first term successfully provided to Biharis. Aamena Khatoon, U.P.

Micro Finance Credits Ruin Poor Lot

Sir, As long as there were only NGOs in the micro finance filed the poor developed. But the intrusion of the commercial institutions in this field has marred the lives of economically poor people due to high interest rates. Sometimes, the interest rates become more than the source loan, making it near to impossible the repayment of the debt. The Andhra Pradesh government did the right thing when it issued an ordinance in the interest of pubic. If the institutions are really concerned about the betterment of poor, they should spend some money from their pocket and provide interest free loans. NGOs in many countries are doing so. They should be taken as role model. Juhi, Gaya, Bihar

MFIs Mark Economic Revolution In India

Micro finance has brought economic revolution in the life of poor people. It is due to its virtue that people who had to struggle for two-time bread are running business today. The allegation that MFIs charge high interest rates is bogus. Consider a person gets the loan on their doorstep and they have not to visit the offices time and again for repaying the loans. This saves their money which otherwise would be spent on long journeys to the offices. These loans are also easily available without the clients doing long documental procedures. The AP government’s ordinance that seeks every MFI should have itself registered, is meant only to put them in trouble. The government fears MFIs has become a strong competitor to its appointed Self Help Groups. Muhammad Khalid, M.P.

Corruption Everywhere

Dear Editor, This refers to the article “Disgusting Indian Politics: The PM’s Role in the Rs 1.76 Lakh Crore Loot!” (Media Scan, Dec 10). Corruption is all that describes today’s political system of India. It is astonishing to know that the Congress in order to get the support of the DMK agreed to allot the telecom ministry portfolio to the already tainted minister A. Raja. It depicts that to occupy the rule these parties can go to an extent of selling the country. Public has to bear the brunt of all things. Pre-independence India was looted by the British and now the politicians are the plunderer of the independent India. Abdur Raheem, Mumbai

Take Everyone Into Confidence To Fight Terror

Sir, Apropos to the article “War On Terror: The Way Forward” (MS, Dec 10), I fully agree with the writer that war on terror cannot be fought unless those in its forefront manage to convince the lot it is not against a certain community. Unfortunately, so far this phenomenon could become a reality. The Muslim community always finds itself on the receiving end of the presumption that terrorism can be practised only by Muslims. It in the turn provides terrorists from the other religions with an opportunity to avoid punishment. Unless, all the terrorists are dealt with strictness the world will continue face peace crisis. Sangita, Via mail

Hindus Must Denounce Terrorist Swamis

Respected Sir, This is with reference to “Swami Asimanand May Be Involved In Gujarat’s Modasa Blast” (Media Scan, December). It is painful to know that some self-styled swamis who claim to be the saviours of Hinduism are found involved in terror activities. The Hindu community must come forward to denounce these black sheep. Or they will continue defaming the religion. Anil Kumar, Jharkhand

Dalits Bearing The Brunt Of Vedic Categorisation

Sir, With reference to the news item “Atrocities On Dalits Continue IN Maya Regime” (MS, December), it should not be surprising that torture on Dalits is committed in a state that is ruled by Dalit leader, because politicians are concerned only about their personal interest. After ascending to the gaddi they forgot those who helped them reach there. It is Dalit community that is a permanent vote bank for Mayawati. But since she became CM she seems to be interested only in erecting statues.
However, Mayawati solely should not be held responsible for this. Looking down upon the lower Dalits by the upper class community is also based on some Vedic interpretations that term the Dalits as the lowest of the human beings and created only to serve the upper class. That Dalits, too, are progressing with the advancement of the world, is an eye sore for upper communities who do not miss any time to trouble the Dalits. Ramesh, Lucknow

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