Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Letter To The Editor

UPA Not Government Of People

Sir, The cover story “UPA-3: The Dream Of Congress Ends With 2G” (MS, January Issue) made a good reading. Corruption is all that describes the UPA government. Though ruling as a representative of common people, yet UPA is more concerned about corporates. It strikes arms deals worth millions of dollars with other countries while in its land people are committing suicide as they do not have anything to eat. Can it not spend the same amount for feeding poor? The sooner people understand anti-poor policies of the UPA the better it would be. Anjali, via email

Hindus Don’t Believe In Violence

Respected Sir, This is with reference to the article “In The Name Of Rama” (Media Scan, January 2011). The writer seems to be of a communal mindset. I wonder how such an article spreading communalism has been given space by Media Scan. To my knowledge, the magazine is secular in nature. There is nothing new in the article. Just old theories exploited by the extremists to create hatred regarding the Hindu community. Ignoring the developmental activities carried out by Hindu organizations, the writer has taken into consideration only some incidents that could give a bad name to the community. Rama was the messenger of peace and all Hindus believe in peace. P. Kumar, Gujarat

Act Tough On Terrorism

Apropos to the editorial of January issue, it is evident that terrorism cannot be bound with any religion or colour. The use of the terms like saffron terrorism, Islamic terrorism, Christian terrorism and Naxal terrorism is utter injustice to these words. Actually the word terrorism itself needs to be defined. In the view of public, the police are the protectors of their lives and properties while the same police terrorize the thieves and the criminals. Tough action is needed against terrorism. Md. Nawaz, Bangalore

Barring Freedom Of Expression

Dear Editor, By slapping criminal charges against the Tehelka reporter K. K. Shahina, the Karnataka police have set a bad precedent of suppressing the voice of truth. Freedom of expression must be respected by everyone. What was the fault of Shahina if she had tried to investigate whether the police version about Madani being involved in the Bangalore blasts was correct or not correct? If his implication is based on factual grounds, the police should not feel troubled by independent investigation in the case. Abu Bakar, Kerala

SIT Cheated People’s Expectations

Respected Editor, That SIT reportedly gave clean chit to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is unexpected and shocking. Modi was completely involved in the Gujarat 2002 riots. He was the CM of the state and it was his duty to protect its citizens. He did not do it. So Modi must be held responsible for his shortcoming. We had a lot of expectations from the Supreme Court appointed SIT regarding justice in the riots case, but the agency too seems to have fallen in the hands of the communal elements. It should be kept in mind that a community disappointed from justice resorts to violence and extremism. In their view, by doing so they individually are able to punish those meting out injustice to them directly or indirectly. Ashfaq Ahmad, via email

Eliminate Corruption

Sir, With reference to the article “Third Pillar Of Democracy Crumbling” (Media Scan, January), it is tragic that even judiciary has become corrupt. It illustrates how the government has failed to fight corruption almost in every department. So far, for the citizens judiciary has been the last resort for justice, but if the judges too are affected by “uncle judge” syndrome, then where should we go for justice? I do not say that every judge is corrupt, but there ARE some, who are damaging the reputation of the judiciary. They must be recognized and punished for their doings. Rubia, Lucknow, U.P.

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