Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Swami’s Confession Leaked: Why?

The leaked confessional statement by Swami Aseemanand has been given wide coverage as it could prove crucial in solving the blasts mystery. But to an equally important aspect there have been little attention: why and how the statement was leaked.
RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav alleged that CBI deliberately leaked the confession. “This deliberate leaking of document confirms further the alleged interest of agencies is not to probe cases but malign the reputation of the organisations and individuals,” he said.

The selected leakage of confidential documents has been a headache for the Indian government.

At a time when the investigating agencies are reaching out to the black sheep among Hindu brethren—also the alleged executors of the blasts—the disclosure may play a spoiler.
Swami may be convicted based on his confession, but the other Hindutva elements can easily escape from the clutches of the probing agencies.

From the time their names were leaked to the time the agencies will crack down on them, they will find enough time to destroy evidences. Could this leakage become possible as there are RSS sympathizers in the agency who do not want to see the outfit in trouble?

Or the leakage was done because some impartial officers in the agency feared that truth might be suppressed as was done in the Gujarat riots cases.

Allegations have been made that behind CBI not investigating Gujarat Chief Minister Modi in the Gujarat 2002 riots cases, there was a Congress hand. It is said that the UPA-2 conveyed to the BJP that they would not pursue a CBI inquiry against Modi and in return BJP agreed to acquiescence on the nuclear liability bill.

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