Friday, December 25, 2009

Central Board Will Help Dispel Misgivings

While many of the Muslim religious bodies have rejected the proposed Central Madrasah Board, a certain school of thought keeps on supporting it. The group also alleged those who oppose the formation of the board to be receiving financial help from Dirham and Dinar. Here is a report from Orissa in this regard.

Reacting to the All India Muslim Personal Law Board’s move to oppose Human Resources Development (HRD) Ministry’s decision to establish a Central Madrasah Board, its parallel outfit on October 20, launched a tirade against it.

The President of All India Muslim Personal Law Board Jadeed (New) Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan said that the CMB proposal should be welcome. “As fingers are being pointed at madaris over terrorism issues, proposal to set up a Central Madrasah Board has come at a crucial juncture since it would go a long way in dispelling misconceptions circulated by the divisive forces,” Maulana said according a report.

Maulana Khan also termed the Central Madrasa Board to be a good move by the HRD ministry. He said that it would help the madaris achieve financial security besides securing progress. “But All India Muslim Personal Law Board office bearers do not want it because of their personal interests,” Khan told media persons in Bhubaneshwar.

“A general analysis at the state level presents a better picture for Muslims. In as many as 10 out of the 21 selected states literacy rates among Muslims are higher than the state average. These include Jharkhand, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat...In Andhra Pradesh, for instance, 68% of Muslims are literate, compared to 61% for the state as a whole and 63% for ‘All Others’. When aggregate literacy levels among males and females are considered, Muslims (77% and 59%) are better off than ‘All Others’ (73% and 52%). But Muslim urban literacy levels are lower than all SRCs (Socio-Religious Communities) except SCs/STs among both genders.” SACHAR REPORT

The personal law board `Zadid’ intends to also oppose the proposed meeting on November 29 gathering by the old outfit.

Khan said if the old board gathers one lakh people to show its strength, it will mobilise five times the number to thwart the former’s move. ``Those who are at the helm of affairs in the old board get funds in `Dinar’ and `Riyal’ which is why they are not worried about the state madrasah boards. He also pointed out that 85 percent of them too think the HRD Ministry’s decision is a move in good direction.

Attacking All India Muslim Personal Law Board for terming the central board proposal as interference in religious matters, a senior Maulana Umar Noorani said that currently madaris are affiliated to the state boards. Hence a central body cannot become interference in any way. “The old board doesn’t include all schools of thoughts and represents only a fraction of the Muslims in India,” he added.
Notably, certain groups of Muslims have for long been acquiring financial aid from the state governments under the State Madrasah Boards. Surprisingly, the educational and infrastructural situations of those madaris have seen a declination since their affiliation to the boards

The `Zadid’ board also urged the Orissa Government to come up with a resolution in support of the HRD Ministry’s proposal of CMB and inform the Centre about it.

It praised the Naveen Patnaik Government for safeguarding the minorities and said security was never an issue for Muslims of Orissa. “This is not Modi Ka Gujarat, this is Orissa,’’ he said.
The `Zadid’ board’s state unit head Mufti Syed Ale Rasool requested Orissa Government to implement Sixth Pay Commission recommendations for madaris.

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