Friday, December 25, 2009

Why Central Madrasah Board Be Constituted?

There are no opportunities in job sectors for madaris graduates. Doesn’t it indicate to their failure in modern time?
The social and economical backwardness of the Muslim community shares a direct link with madaris and their products; maulvis and mullas. Their only duty, they think, is to give fruitless education and label those having contemporary education as incomplete and non-practicing Muslims. Anyone breeding a view opposite to it should study well the real situation of madaris and the skills the maulvis get there.
Madaris are blind to the need of time. Whatever the advancement takes place in education world; these madaris have a centuries old tradition of insisting on their outdated syllabus. Qur’an, Hadees and Fiqh, the madaris take them as integral part of their education while the market value of these subjects resembles to nothing.
Justice M.S.A. Siddiqui, chairman of the National Commission of Minority Educational Institutions (NCMEI) had said in an interview to IANS that in the last 60 years of independence, no madrasah - including the great Darul Uloom at Deoband - has produced a single scholar. "I wonder whether these maulvis ever ponder over this. These people have a vested interest in keeping the community backward," he said.
While education is a must for advancement of any community the maulvis are not ready to accept it. Spend a long time, and experience every method to convince them about the advantages of contemporary subjects, you will find at last to have done a wild goose chase. No amazement, if they come on streets opposing the proposed Central Madrasa Board; a sincere effort by centre to modernize the madaris. Let the HRD minister Kapil Sibal announce that the board will not interfere in their system, why the heads of madaris be ready to accept the proposal? The managers of madaris are afraid their occupation over the institutions will be lost if they are affiliated to the government. ‘Modernization’ they think, is a poison for madaris syllabi. The reality is quite contrary to the notion as the madaris syllabus ruins the life of students.
Those becoming graduates through this syllabus are of no use. None of them one will find being employed as an engineer, a doctor or a scientist. Leading prayer-may it be daily, funeral, Eid or Jum’a- reading out Nikah, calling Azan or at high level to teach in a madrasah are the only options left for a graduate maulvi who spends one fourth of life pursuing education. Why should the step of the government to modernize the madaris under Central Madrasah Board be opposed if it provides with a larger scope of employment for madaris products. Besides enabling them to work shoulder by shoulder in employment fields, the modernization will be a means to be rich and serve the community in a better way. They will become a valuable asset for the community instead of being burden.
Majority of madaris teachers have the mere duty of collecting chanda (donations) from modern educated rich Muslims. Here, maulvis do not hesitate to approach educated ones and back in madaris they will not hesitate opposing them!
It is by time that madaris organizers be serious towards education and stop resisting modernization efforts done either by the government or the intellectuals. We hope to see madaris soon welcoming the Central Madrasah Board. This is the time when money has a great value and it is crucial to everything even to get our due rights. Providing students with modern education under the patronage of the government, responsible for improvement of every community, will be a laudable step towards reformation of madaris.

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