Friday, December 25, 2009

Readers' Column

Muslim Leaders Oppose Madrasah Board
Dear Sir,
Central Madrasah Board has recently become a moot point in the news. Indian government and other intellectuals are leaving no stone unturned to take ulama in confidence. Some Muslim scholars seem in favour, while the most of ulama, including Darul Uloom Deoband, Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind, etc. are against. I neither blindly support, nor oppose. But I suppose that the issue concerning madaris should be left on ulama; for they are the founders, managers and know better than others what goes in madaris favour and what goes against them. Also Madrasah issue is a religious matter for which ulama are on the alert. If we think about it, we may realize why they are rejecting the aids and facilities, being determined to live in privation. Of course, there are valid reasons, otherwise who can be so stupid to close the doors?
I wish Media Scan to take step towards this controversial topic by publishing an especial issue. You can convey the true facts to the world. I pray that your magazine becomes wide-reaching and all-embracing.
Abdul Jaleel, Bidar, Karnataka

Mention E-mail Addresses of Writers

Grabbed the November issue of Media Scan, sunk into bed and ventured through it all in one go. Thoughtful editorial, mourning the grief of millions of rupees squandered on Diwali and melted into smoke, pushed for rethinking the festive celebration next time. Though, money extravagance this Diwali was all the same as before. Anyway, I am following the MS from the inaugural issue and the difference in each issue is discernable. It’s, definitely, getting better with each move. Yet it has a long way to go. At last, if God wills, perfection will follow. This time Nilofar Suharawardy on ‘Communication Gap’ was fabulous. Well-crafted article with wonderfully woven information.
What I want to suggest as an upholder of the spirit MS symbolizes, is that isn’t it worth trying to introduce a column for young talent get introduced? You can set down the topic for next month in each issue. It will, I assume, promote writing spirit among juvenile youngsters who, generally, unfold their concerns with razor sharp wit. It may well add to magazine’s popularity and extend its readership as well.
If establishment in ever-changing media is sought than one incontrovertibly, has to come with out-of-the-box stuff. Thanks for incessant endeavours and perpetual commitment contributed by you to initiate the MS. Oh, the thing I missed, I request you to mention the email addresses of all your writers, if possible, as to enabling readers confirm directly whatever comes to their minds online.
Looking for next issue.
Usama Imran Zakir, Moradabad, U.P.

Correct The Few Grammatical Mistakes
Dear editor,
I read two of your issues and found them to be very interesting, though they are a little clich├ęd. Lastly I understand you have started this magazine with the idea of giving clean and startling news to the readers. But then the way you are presenting it is not very right (obviously in my opinion). Also on a cursory glance of the magazine I found quite a few grammatical and structural errors.
Talha Chowdhry, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Bring Something Special On Palestine Issue
I am a regular reader of your esteemed magazine “Media Scan”. I find the magazine is improving with every issue; a sign that it will soon be choice of people. I want to suggest you bring something special on Palestine-Israel issue under your column “International”. Better will be if you come up with the views of some experts as to what may the ways out of this controversy. Many of the people do not know much about this topic of global importance. I think Media Scan will be a good means to make them aware about this.
Tauqeer Ahmad, Mumbai

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