Thursday, January 13, 2011

Varanasi Blast: False Flag Operation?

The blasts in which now the Hindutva terrorists are wanted once more were supposed to be the handiwork of some outfits with Muslim names. This was successfully done as a part of false flag operation by Hindutva terrorists. The Varanasi blast, too, is of such nature, argues the writer.

Israeli intelligence agency MOSSAD is notoriously famous for deceptive operations literally termed “False Flag Operation”. These are the operations in which those people are accused who in no way are connected to them while the real perpetrators escape attention.

Tragically in India, too, some Hindutva elements who go after Islam madly and blindly are trying to follow the footprints of Israel and its intelligence agency MOSSAD, their aadarsh (role model). We have several examples to elaborate this point:

• Efforts were made to make the September 27, 2008 Malegaon Bhikku Chowk blasts—executed by the members of the Hindutva gang Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and lieutenant colonel Purohit—a False Flag operation and hence mislead the investigating agencies. The most apparent tactic applied for the purpose was to replace the chassis number of the motorcycle where bomb was planted, with an Islamic sticker (Tughra). The bike was in the possession of Sadhvi. The culprits thought it the easiest way to get the responsibility of the blasts fixed over SEMI and some innocent Muslim youth.

They had parked the bike exactly beneath the SEMI office at Bhikku Chowk; a trick, people say was meant to misguide the police which wrongly would conclude it was but the handiwork of SEMI. (Luckily for innocent Muslim youth, the then ATS chief was Hemant Karkare who did not follow these misguiding leads. Had there been any one other than him, he would have easily fallen prey to this trick.)

• The second major evidence of Hindutva terrorists being involved in False Flag operations is Goa blasts. Behind this blast are around 25 people—out of which only 6-7 have been arrested— associated with Sanatan Sansatha. Had the conspiracy hatched regarding this blasts been successful, the accused would have been Lashkar-e-Taiba and Muslim groups. The selection of Goa, a favourite hub for Israeli and foreign (Western Countries) tourists, was the part of a well planned strategy. On October 17, 2009 Diwali festival was being celebrated with fanfare and this is the day the terrorists chose for striking. The site for planting the scooter bomb and other time bombs, too, was where thousands of Hindus gather to celebrate the festival. Besides, one day prior to the blasts, the Israeli intelligence had issued warning to its citizens to remain alert and abstain from visiting India, especially Goa. The agency had apprehension the Lashkar-e-Taiba and other Pakistani terror outfits might strike at Goa on Diwali.

While planting bomb in Margao (Goa), a top official of Sangli (Maharashtra) unit of Sanatan Sansatha Malgonda Patil was killed along with a Sahdu (saint) colleague of the Sansatha. This was an incident that unveiled before time the evil intention of Hindutvadis. Had Goa, visited in a large number by Israelis and western tourists, unfortunately been stricken by 4-5 blasts, Muslims would have been the absolute accused.

By issuing a terror alert from Tel Aviv one day before the blasts, the Israeli intelligence had made a cautious atmosphere. (This indicates that Hindutva elements active in India are in some way or the other linked to Israel.) God forbid, had the blasts planning been executed successfully, not only dozens of Hindus would have lost their precious lives but also many Muslim youth in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu etc.—who are on the radar of Indian intelligence and whom the police records enlist as associated with SIMI, Indian Mujahideen or other outfits—would be behind bars.

• A bomb exploded in Varanasi on 7th December 2010. Varanasi city is the next target after Ayodhya. In Ayodhya, Babri Masjid was demolished. Now, in the name of constitution and law two-third of the (so-called disputed) Babri Masjid site has been grabbed. The Hindutvadis expect they will manage to also encroach upon the remaining one third.
Therefore, they are in search for another Ayodhya to keep fire of self-interests burning. For them, Varanasi is another Ayodhya. How this issue can be fuelled is a question the answer to which comes “by terrorism and bomb blasts”. If the blasts today constituting a need of these elements will turn into a new type of profitable business (either of politics or religion) in future, then why will they not place bombs in temple? They are not concerned at all about Hindus or Muslims.

Did you not see they tried to murder in Goa people celebrating Diwali festival in the night of October 17, 2008? Suppose the bombs, 2 to 4, exploded then who would be the victims? Muslims? No, not at all. The terrorists of Sanatan Sansatha, the self-styled protectors of Hindus, lay in ambush for murdering their Hindu brethren and then tried in vain to make Muslims responsible for this. How the elements who plead adherence to Hinduism and even then kill Hindus merely for trapping some Muslims in fake cases of terror, be true Hindus and their rakshak (protectors)? This is a question that, in the light of the facts revealed after failed conspiracy of Goa blasts, should be asked by Hindu brethren from the so-called contractors of religion who use religion for instigating Hindus against Muslims.

To sum up, Goa blast case is clear evidence that Hindutva elements are busy conducing False Flag Operations to implicate Muslims in terror cases. The training and method they have imported from their role models sitting in Israel.

It will be logical to conclude that the recent Varanasi blast is a part of False Flag operations. The email sent from Mumbai allegedly by Indian Mujahideen is an attempt to misguide probing agencies.

Swami Asimanand is as great a mastermind of Hindutva terrorists as was Sunil Joshi or have been Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and lieutenant colonel Purohit. He has been arrested from Haridwar . CBI, RNI, Rajasthan ATS and other agencies are behind his Hindutva mastermind colleagues who are wanted in Goa, Ajmer, Hyderabad, Samjhauta Express and other blasts. It means that the work started by Hemant Karkare is going forward silently. The arrest of Asimanand testifies to it. The silently advancing steps of the law are becoming intolerable. At a time when the Wikileaks expose have heated the global atmosphere, is the Varanasi blast an attempt to save the Hindutva terrorists? The probing agencies should take this point in to account.

By Saeed Hameed

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  1. Yes, false flag operation. the recent revelatoin about Hindutva hand in every blasts, suggests so.